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   Mineral makeup is designed from all naturally occurring products.
   It is often recommended by dermatologists to women with sensitive skin,
   rosacea, post operative, laser and other procedures
   because of its intrinsic skin soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.
   It is a powder makeup of finely milled minerals.

   It can provide very sheer or very opaque coverage, depending on the formulation.

   However, it still allows natural skin radiance to show through,
   so you don’t get the dreaded “mask” look.
   It is typically free of fragrance and preservatives.
   Minerals cannot feed bacteria, so there is no danger of spoilage,
   thus it needs no preservatives. It does not go bad.
   It is very good for oily skin because it has
   several oil- absorbing components.

   It is usually applied with a brush, and is typically shown
   to be “buffed” into the skin.
   This technique forces the makeup into your pores, which is never a good thing.
   A technique that works with better quality mineral makeup is
   to “dust” the makeup on, instead of “buffing” it.
   If a brush irritates your skin, you can also use a non-latex or flocked sponge.
   Application can be done either wet or dry.


   Here are some of the ingredients you will most likely come across when buying mineral makeup:

   Titanium Dioxide
   A white natural sunscreen and anti-inflammatory agent. It is highly reflect,
   with only a diamond being higher, and thus minimizes fine lines and some skin discolorations.

   Zinc Oxide
   A natural sunscreen providing broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

   A colorless mica that can be used to cut the opacity of Titanium Dioxide and also works as an oil absorber.

   Cornstarch / Rice Powder- Cosmetic grade
   An oil humectant (draws oil out of the pores). Can make acne worse as it is a source of food for bacteria.

   Kaolin Clay
   Natural oil-absorption.

   Natural “glitter”. Provides shimmer and sparkle.

   Iron Oxides
   Natural pigment - very opaque. Used for tinting cosmetics.

   Ingredients To Avoid:

   Talc/ Various Powders - Common fillers - can cause respiratory problems.

   FD&C Dyes - Derived from coal tar.

   Bismuth Oxychloride - Known skin irritant - causes itching, rashes and breakouts.
   Especially prevalent when the wearer sweats.

   Ferric Ferrocyanide - Controversial because of its suspected toxicity.

   Carmine - Crushed beetles.

   It seems that for every type of mineral makeup there is also a different technique to apply it.
   Each company may have slight differences in their makeup that when it is applied a certain way
   will make it look or adhere better.
   Of course, it’s always preferable that you develop your own personal style - your own touch.
   However, there are some very basic guidelines to applying mineral makeup that will work with almost any brand.

        Beauty Makeover walks you step by step in learning
        how to makeover your body and face. For example: complete skin care,
        how to create a perfect set of smoky eyes, creating symmetry on the face
        when needed to correct imperfections, how to best camouflage those
        imperfections to achieve more natural-looking skin; body wrapping techniques,         South Beach Diet recipies, your BMI Calculator, the approximate number of
        burned calories for various activities, your Daily Water Requirements Calculator         tailored to your individual customized needs.
        The key to enjoying vibrant youthful health and slowing down the aging
        process is to discover some simple rules which will help you to maximize
        the stay young potential of your skin.


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