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   Homemade Remedies for Hair Loss and Split Ends:
   Hair loss may be caused due to a variety of reasons, for example: tension,
   malnutrition, illness etc. Split ends, if not treated, travel up to the root,
   giving the hair an uneven length.
   Here are some simple home remedies to combat hair loss and split ends:
   • Apply olive oil at bed time and wash off the hair next morning.
   • At home, wash hair with cold water, rub scalp with fingers.
   This is a simple and effective remedy against hair loss.

   • Boil Heena leaves in mustard oil till they are burnt, the oil can be filtered.
   A regular massage of this oil is helpful.

   • Seeds of lime and black pepper ground together to a fine paste helps
   treat alopecia areata (patchy baldness).

   • Scrub the area of patchy baldness with onions untill it becomes red.
   Follow up by applying honey over this patch.

   • Apply coconut milk all over the scalp and massage into roots.

   • Trim the hair every 4 to 5 weeks, even if you are growing it.

   • Avoid rubber bands, sharp clips, spiky brushes and do not brush hair
   when it is wet.

   • The juice of leaves of bhongra massaged into the head is an effective
   hair tonic against hair falling.

   • The paste made from powdered seeds of shana with coconut/sesame/castor
   oil is used as a hair tonic.

   • The oil extracted from rohisa, briskly rubbed into the hair,
   encourages new growth.

   • The oil extracted from the seeds of sagvan is massaged on the head
   to check premature loss of hair.

   • Take warm coconut oil & rub it on the scalp with cotton wool.
   Then apply this oil till the ends of your hair (from root to the tips).
   After this, dip your towel in hot water and tie it on your hair.
   Keep it for some time. If possible, repeat this procedure. This helps the oil
   to penetrate into the roots of the hair. It also helps in a good blood circulation
   in the areas near the scalp and helps in hair growth.
   Then wash it with oil based shampoo. Your problem of dry hair will get solved.

   • Vitamins not only have effect on the colour of our hair,
   but also on the entire hair history. For dry, scanty and falling hair you should
   have plenty of fruits and vegetables. Leafy vegetables are best recommended,
   you could add more spinach to your diet. Best recommended fruits are mangoes.

   • Trimming every 3-4 weeks is fair enough to keep those splits away.
   But before you head for the salon, here's something you should know:
   *Hair is basically made up of minerals and proteins.
   *Mineral deficiency can lead to split ends, and weak hair roots.

   •So, to banish those splits away forever:
   *Make sure you drink a lot of water as water contains minerals.
   *Pamper your hair with regular oil massages, and make sure
   you massage the hair ends too.

   For more info, download Split Ends Remedies, a free ebook.

    Free  Download

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